Which logo do you think they picked?

A story of one logo for Philco – a building maintenance company.

Whenever a logo design job comes in I go out to a client and ask a few questions about their vision, business strategy and inspiration behind their company. Sometimes a simple question such as “What are the two most important things you want people to remember about your logo?” can spark new ideas. Client is realizing that it is not about a cute swoosh and a tag-line, but about their entire company’s philosophy that needs to be reflected in this new look.

I come back and start thinking about the design. It is a 24/7 process that cannot be limited to 8 to 5 office hours. The idea has to be planted in my mind for a while. It takes time to thrive before turning into a graphic representation of my client’s vision. The sooner I touch the drawing board the worse it comes out. But when the time is right (and that can be in the middle of the night) I know I better start drawing and conceptualizing. Simple hand sketches are a good way to start:

logo design sketches

Next step is to create a few versions of the logo that are presentable to a client:

logo design company

Which logo do you think they have picked?

I will post an answer in 3 days. Let’s see if you pick the same one.

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12 Responses to “Which logo do you think they picked?”

  1. I like #4 … and #2

  2. Row 4 – Column 1.
    It is majestic

  3. 13

  4. I go for # 7

  5. 10

  6. Thanks for your responses, guys!

  7. By the way, #10, 13 and 14 was Tasha’s idea for design.

  8. Wow! I am proud of myself! :) And 3 days is too long – can’t we get an answer sooner???

  9. I’m going with #2!

  10. Alright, Tasha, darn it, I will name the winner by the end of the day today ;-)

  11. Hey, nobody likes my blocky ones on the lower right? I thought they were kind of cool!?

  12. By the way, there are many more PHILCO logos around than I initially thought, and most of them just suck!


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